Fiduciary Statement

Care We will always act with skill, care, diligence and the good judgment of professional advisors

Competence We are committed to the HIGHEST educational and professional standards.

Completeness We will guide and direct the management of your entire investment portfolio and financial plan, rather than earning commission on the sale of securities.

Confidentiality We will always maintain confidentiality.

Independence We will work solely for YOU, and seek to find the very best available investment, product, or service for your needs and criteria.

Integrity We will place your needs and objectives at the forefront of all planning decisions.

Trust We have a fundamental obligation to always act in YOUR best interests.

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STRIDE Financial is a full-service financial firm dedicated to helping those in the Chicago, Illinois area meet their long-term financial goals. Our team of financial advisors and wealth managers are experienced in helping clients preserve their savings, so they can use it as a source of steady income in retirement.

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